Year 3


This term we will be learning about our local area, Partington and we will also be looking at the history relating to Dunham Massey, Will we be comparing Partington’s past to what it is like now.

In Science we will be exploring the human body, looking in depth at movement and growth. We will be discussing questions such as ‘Why do we need a skeleton?’ and ‘How can animals be classified?’
Did you know that our skeleton is made up of 206 bones!

Also this term, Year 3 will become experts at drawing self portraits, using various shading and shadow techniques.
Last term in Design and Technology some very Impressive Egyptian necklaces were designed and made, so I can’t wait to see what both Year 3 classes produce in Art this term!

Finally in English this term, the children will be debating and discussing reasons for and against different arguments.
Fun games such as rebuttal tennis and rebuttal boxing will be played, this is when children state their ideas with evidence and then pretend to serve an imaginary tennis ball to the other team, serving good arguments each time. This encourages children to be quick thinkers, justify their answers and serve their amazing arguments to the other side in style!


This term in Year 3, we will be learning all about ancient Egypt in History. We will be learning all about life in Egypt, hieroglyphics, the importance of the River Nile and much more!
We may even make our own mummies! As well as this, we will be looking at ancient Art from Egypt and comparing this with more modern art, such as the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.
Relating to Georgia O’Keeffe’s floral artwork, in Science, we will be studying Plants and Magnets.

This will include;learning about the functions of a plant, exploring how water is transported in plants and describing how objects attract and repel each other.

In English we will look at adventure/ mystery stories and will continue with our Talk4-Writing learning style, which we really enjoy! We will read a range of books from ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne to ‘The thing in the Basement’ by Michaela Morgan to eventually create our own adventure stories, which will most definitely hook the reader in!

We are also very lucky to be continuing our Music lessons, that are delivered by Trafford Music Service, we are so excited to find out what instruments we will be learning to play.

This term we are restarting our PE lessons with Team Theme, which helps to improve our team building skills and coordination.

It is extremely important that children remember their musical instruments every music lesson (Tuesday) and PE kits (Wednesday & Thursday.)

Reading books – Remember our target is 3 reads a week!
Please bring reading books and SIGNED LOGS everyday so that your child can swap their books and earn Olympic points!
Unfortunately Year 3 only earned 1 piece of their Olympic reading Flag last term, please ensure your child reads 3 x each week, so we can achieve a full flag!


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