Year 2

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Science Animals inc humans & Movement Plants & Living things in their Habitat Uses of and changing materials
History Significant people and changes from the past Events within living memory Local history and significant local people
Geography Map skills, locating countries inc Human and Physical features Contrasting locality Local study
DT Design, Make and Evaluate using simple mechanisms eg vehicles Design, Make and Evaluate combining food ingredients Design, Make and Evaluate using 3D textiles
Art Painting + Artist linked to topic Sculpture + Artist linked to topic Drawing + Artist linked to topic
Music Music service & Music Express Music service & Music Express Music service & Music Express
PE Dance + Games ( Dance + Gym



Games and Gym


Computing We are astronauts

We are game testers

We are photographers

We are researchers

We are detectives

We are zoologists

PSHE Cambridge Scheme Cambridge Scheme Cambridge Scheme
RE Sikhism: Celebrations & Festivals

Christianity: The Bible

How Christians use the Bible

Sikhism: Leaders & Teachers

Christianity: Jesus

The Teachings of Jesus

Sikhism: Believing, Belonging & Joining

Christianity: The Church

Going to Church

Current Work

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Our topic for the Spring term has been all about inventors. We have learned about how technology and transport has changed throughout time, particularly throughout our own lifetime. One lesson that we particularly enjoyed was exploring how flying has evolved from the first aeroplane invented by the Wright Brothers to more recent models including the Concorde and Airbus. We then recreated the process that the Wright Brothers went through when inventing the first aeroplane by designing, making, testing, evaluating and redesigning our own paper aeroplanes.
GeographyIn Geography we have been revising the names and locations of the continents by creating maps of the world. We have also been specifically learning about California in America because this was the birthplace of the inventor of the iPhone, Steve Jobs. We have studied the differences in climate, wildlife and land features between California and our own local area.
Science Our topic in Science this term has been ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. We started by focussing on plants. We have explored the life cycle of plants through drama, compared how bulbs and seeds grow by growing our own, and even tasted food that comes from different parts of plants. Throughout the rest of the term we will be learning about animals and their habitats. We will also visit Lyme Park, where we will be going on a habitat walk.
ArtIn Art we have been learning about natural sculptures. We started by discussing the difference between natural and artificial objects. After this, we looked for natural objects that we could find around our school and used these as inspiration to draw natural objects and then make clay models. Finally, we designed and created out own mini land art sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
REThis term in RE we have been learning about the life of Jesus through a variety of activities such as reading and acting out stories. We have particularly enjoyed using puppets to act out The Parable of the Lost Son.