Year 2


We begin the Summer term with an exciting (and hopefully sunny) school trip to Lyme Park. Our visit to Lyme Park will support our learning in Science about animals and their habitats as well as our map skills and directional language in Geography.

Our trip Lyme Park will also be the focus of our writing in English this half term. We will begin by learning about what recounts are and writing our own about our experiences from the school trip. We will then be learning about lettersand writing our own to thank the staff at Lyme Park. Within English, we will also be practising lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

As we are very quickly approaching the end of Key Stage 1 assessment period we will be spending time revisiting and consolidating the children’s learning in Maths. Some of the topics we will revisit include number and place value, addition and subtraction and shape.

We will also be providing additional booster sessions to support the children’s reading and comprehension skills leading into the assessment period.
In Computing we will be learning about algorithms and will then create our own using various programs such as Scratch and Turtle Logo.

Important Information

Year 2 children will be completing their end of Key Stage 1 SATs assessments throughout May.
Please support your children throughout this period by ensuring they are getting plenty of sleep, having a balanced breakfast to start the day and are attending school everyday on time ready to start!


We begin our History topic this half term by introducing a significant event from the past. Can you guess what it might be? That’s right, The Great Fire of London! The children are going to learn about what life was like 350 years ago and why the Great Fire of London was such as significant event through a range of activities. We’re sure the children will enjoy this interesting History topic.

In English we are starting the half term off by learning about “The Ridgeback Dragon”. We will then write our own reports about our own species of dragon. Within this we will be practising lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

In Maths we will be learning to use money to create different amounts. And solve problems. Please spend time with your child looking at money to help them recognise the value of each coin and add some together.

We will also be learning about plants and life cycles this term by comparing how seeds and bulbs grow in Science. We will use the skills of using different lines and shading in Art to display some of our findings.

Given out: Friday
Due in: Wednesday


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