Year 1

Curriculum contact – Head of School
Year 1: Yearly NC Coverage



Once Upon a Time…


Where’s Patch?


Amazing Animals

Science Everyday Materials Plants & Light Animals inc Humans
History Castles, events beyond living memory Changes within living memory Significant people from the past eg Darwin
Geography Compass points and directional language related to maps Locate 7 continents and 5 oceans

Name and locate 4 countries in Uk and surrounding seas

Hot and Cold places
DT Design, Make and Evaluate combining food ingredients


Design, Make and Evaluate

Ensuring understanding of characteristics linked to everyday materials

Design, Make and Evaluate how free standing structures can be made stronger.


Art Drawing + Artist linked to topic Painting+ Artist linked to topic Sculpture + Artist linked to topic
Music Music service & Music Express Music service & Music Express Music service & Music Express
PE Dance + Games ( Gym + Dance



Games +Gym


Computing We are treasure hunters

We are TV chefs

We are painters

We are collectors

We are story tellers

We are celebrating

PSHE Cambridge Scheme Cambridge Scheme Cambridge Scheme
RE Hinduism: Celebrations & Festivals

Christianity: The Bible

A Special book

Hinduism: Leaders & Teachers

Christianity: Jesus

Stories about Jesus

Hinduism: Believing, Belonging & Joining

Christianity: The Church

Church & Worship