VIP Values

Here at Partington Central Academy we strive to ensure that the children are given every opportunity to develop in to well rounded individuals. Our school community has decided on 10 key values of which we will promote throughout the school year through lessons, assemblies, lunchtimes and out of school experiences. These include:












As an extra reminder of what school expects from our pupils we have purchased a Values Tree and have our values displayed in the hall. Teachers will be nominating 2 children per class, per term to be added to our values leaves which will hang proudly on our values tree. The children nominated must be seen to positively promote our values throughout school and be an active role model to others.

As a reward for achieving Values VIP status, the children chosen will receive a certificate and VIP card/badge in Praise Assembly, their name entered into a raffle to win a fantastic prize at the end of the school year!

We hope you will support us by encouraging your children to become Values VIP’s!

Spring 2017 Values Winners


6CB – Sainabou Sonko & Rubin Delves

6CL – Jada Bone & Dylan Coupe

5GS – Diana Talib & Toni Bennett

5MC – Michael Clayton-McGuirk & Rose Ainsworth

4LP – Madison Bunseedhun & Callum Stevens

4CG – Matthew Jones & Alisia Pickering

3MC – Ella McVety & Keenan Whittam

2CC – Hayden Shepley & Amira Grimshaw


3SI – Samantha Lowther & Reuben Melhuish-Jones

2KW – Jessica Oddy & Hayden Fray

2CC – Hayden Shepley & Amira Grimshaw


1HW – Olivia Woodruff & Jacob Walsh


1RB – Layla Carter & Logan Archer-Yates


RHW – Demi-Leigh Allen & Aiden Fahie


RJK – George Ferguson Grace Waller