Special Educational Needs


Partington Central Academy is a two form entry school with 450 children on role, including 70 Nursery children. All children are monitored carefully and progress is assessed tracked three times per year. If as a result of this there are concerns about your child’s progress, or a specific educational need is identified,  your child may be put on the SEN/ additional support register.  If this occurs, you will be informed and asked for your consent, by your child’s class teacher and/or the school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator. Children who experience learning difficulties will be assisted in a variety of ways according to the needs of the child.


From September 2014 education, health and care plans (EHC) will replace statements and learning difficulty assessments. This change is expected to take place over the next three years so old guidelines may be followed for some pupils until 2017. The government says that parents know their children best, so the new system aims to put families and young people at the centre of discussions about support.

School Action and School Action Plus provision will be replaced by a single school-based category for children needing extra support. The  interventions and expected outcomes planned for these children will be clearly set out and their progress reviewed each term. Parents will be informed when pupils receive this additional support in school.


Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a programme that is delivered to children between the ages of 5years 9months and 6years 3months.  The programme is delivered every day for 30mins and lasts around 20weeks although it can be shorter for some children.  Within the lesson the child will read at least 3 familiar books, write a sentence, complete letter work and read a new book.  This is an intensive programme.  Once a child has finished the child will be able to return to class with no extra support needed.  Occasional a child will not reach the expected lesson and continued support in class will be taken on board.

Rapid Phonics

This is a series of sessions delivered by the teaching assistant in small groups.  It is a boost to the streamed phonics that is delivered.  This reinforces children’s learning and consolidates what they have been taught in class with the teacher.

Letters and Sounds is a Government publication aimed at raising standards across reading and writing through high standards of teaching and learning in phonics (the learning of sounds and spelling patterns). The scheme is followed closely across the school as part of our every day teaching.
Click here to visit the Department for Education website which contains the full document and connected resources.

Speech and Language

Once a half term the local Speech and Language Therapist will come in and assess child who have been referred to the Speech and Language department.  She will give the class teacher targets for the children to cover over the term until the child is re-assessed.  The session will be delivered by the teaching assistant on a weekly basis.

Book Awareness

Book Awareness is delivered in the foundation stage.  It is delivered weekly and helps children with the handling of books, so they know where to start reading, where the front of the book is, where the title is etc

Nurture Groups

Identified children will receive either one-to-one or group support to develop their social and emotional resilience.


Maths and English Support
Children identified as needing additional support will receive personalised groups sessions with teaching assistants from their year group three time per week.