This half term we will be reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill

Murphy. We will be writing lists, and sentences, asking and writing questions and sequencing events.  We will also be looking at non fiction texts linked to Space Transport and identifying key features such as contents pages.

This half term we will be continuing with learning our numbers 0-20 confidently. We will be practicing our addition sums and moving on to subtraction. We will be continuing to learn the properties of 3D shapes and recreating patterns in the environment.

Please don’t forget to share your children’s learning  at home with us using the EExAT website. Please ask staff for a new  access code if you have misplaced yours.

We will be continuing our daily phonics sessions. Please support your child at home to recognise, read and write the skills they have been learning.


This term our topic is ‘Transport’.  We will be looking at different types of transport and how we get around.

If you have anything related to these topics that you would like to bring in then please feel free to.



This term our topic is about the ‘Hot and cold climates’. We will start by looking at different weather in our country and where the hot and cold places are around the world. We will be reading Elmer the elephant stories in Literacy. We will use the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ to teach us about another culture as well as different weather conditions. We will use the globe and maps to show these areas. We will encourage the children to watch the weather forecast and learn about weather symbols. They can then pretend to be the weather forecasters in role play. We will make weather wheels and wind streamers and paint our favourite weather.

We will learn about plants and animals and how they grow and change over time. We will group animals by their similarities and differences. The children will learn about farm animals and what they provide for us and they will be encouraged to show care and concern for living creatures.

We will look forward to the spring and note the seasonal changes that occur.

We will celebrate Chinese New Year, Pancake day, Mothers Day and Easter festivals with traditional crafts.

In PSE the children will learn about health and self care.
We will continue with daily phonic lessons and be covering the Phase 3 phonemes and digraphs in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. We hope the children will continue to practise their reading and phonics with you at home. We will encourage children to write a short sentence independently using their phonic skills and to practise writing in our role play, writing and small world areas.

In Maths we will count up to 20 and begin to add and subtract within 20. The children will learn number bonds to 10 using a variety of equipment. They will use comparative language when using the scales to weigh and compare items. They will continue to learn the 2D and 3D shapes and use these in pattern and model making.
We will use the ipads and the Interactive Whiteboard to develop technology skills but also to reinforce literacy and numeracy activities.

We hope the children will continue to come to school happily and enjoy their learning.

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