SUMMER (A) 2018

This term at Nursery we will look at different mini-beasts. We will also be looking at growth and spring animals. We will discuss where they live and their names as well as the names of their offspring.

As the weather gets better we will be enjoying the outside provision more and we are hoping for some lovely weather. Please could you send your children to Nursery with sun hats and sun cream so we can take advantage of our outside areas.

We are continuing to develop our hand writing skills and forming the letters of our names accurately.

Through phonics sessions the children will be encouraged to engage in a range of phonics activities including hearing letters in words and beginning to read and write simple CVC words as well as identifying initial sounds in words.

For our smaller children who have just joined us a range of listening tasks will be on offer and also the introduction of ‘s’ and ‘a’.

In our Maths sessions we are continuing to develop the children’s confidence with numbers and how we can use them in a range of ways. We also will look at shape, time of events and weight and size of different objects.

We have started to look at books in depth and also discuss features, characters’ and order of events in books which will continue this term.



This term the Nursery children will be learning about the topic ‘Winter’.

We look forward to reading many wintery stories and discussing how we dress appropriately for winter as well as discussing the climate change in wintertime.

In our creative area there will be lots of activities on offer such as designing our own bobble hats, painting penguins and decorating scarves to name but a few.

There will be a new role play area on offer for the children to explore, a ‘Doctor’s Surgery’. In this area the children have the opportunity to act out their experiences of going to the doctors and develop their ever growing imaginations. We will also be learning about Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day.

The children will be continuing to develop their mark making skills, blending and segmenting simple words orally and we will be challenging our children to copy some small words. We will also be continuing to develop children’s mathematical skills through a variety of activities including number work and looking at and discussing different shapes and patterns.

Within our phonics activities, we will be continuing to develop children’s listening skills and children’s awareness of the initial sounds of words by playing games such as eye spy.

After the half term holidays we are looking forward to welcoming some new children into our Nursery class.

Here are Ten Benefits of Reading for your Child which should help you to understand the importance of reading with your child.