Each school has its own Local Governing Body. This body of governors report to The Dean Trust Board.

Within each Local Governing Body there are several small committees which focus on particular areas such as: HR & Personnel; Pupil Progress; Curriculum and Standards. Additional committees are formed from across the Trust Board and LGBs as and when required to deal with specific areas such as Admissions or Health and Safety (Environment/Premises).

Some individual governors have responsibility across more than one school in the Trust due to their skills and experience.

All governors sign up to The Dean Trust code of practice.

Request for Copies

If you would like a copy of any of the meeting minutes please contact the Governance Support Officer in the first instance.

Parent/Staff Governors
Parent Governors are elected from within the parent body of the school when there is a vacancy. Any vacancies will be advertised on the school website.
Staff Governors are elected from within the staff body of the school when there is a vacancy.

To contact any member of your Governing Body, please contact the school on the main school number in the first instance.
Alternatively, you can contact via email the Governance Support Officer Ruth Warburton  or The Dean Trust .

1. Attendance
Adobe PDF   PLP LGB Attendance 2018-2019                            

2. Composition
Adobe PDF PLP LGB Composition 2018-2019 (1)   

3. Pen Portraits

Adobe PDF  PLP Governors Pen Portraits 2018-2019

4. Environment Governance Remit
Adobe PDF Environment Remit 2017-2018

5. Finance Governance Group Remit
Adobe PDF Finance Governance Groups 2017-2018

6. Personnel (HR) Governance Remit
Adobe PDF Personnel-Remit-2018 2019

7. Pupil Progress & Achievement Governance Remit
Adobe PDF  Outcome for Pupils Remit 2017 2018

8. Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests
Adobe PDF  PLP Register of Pecuniary Interests 2018-2019

9. Governor Committee Constitution

Adobe PDF   Governor Committee Constituion 2018 v2





The Dean Trust is always keen to hear from anyone who may have an interest in becoming a governor for any of its schools.  If you think governance may be for you,  please contact the Clerk in the first instance to find out more.  Mrs Ruth Warburton can be reached via email on , or on the telephone 0161 973 1179 x 2203