The internet is a fantastic resource with many opportunities for learning, socialising and discovering. However, not all aspects of the internet and other electronic resources such as mobile phones are safe and so it is important that they are used in a responsible and safe manner in order to ensure the safety of all users.
If you would like to know more about E-Safety for your children please click below websites for more helpful information.
At Partington Central Academy, we believe it is essential for children to be educated about the appropriate use of the internet and to be aware of the possible dangers that it poses. Throughout our school, children have the opportunity to learn about how to remain safe when using the internet through ICT lessons, PSHE lessons and visits from outside agencies. The school’s own internet is monitored and protected using a strict filter.

Here are a few different helpful websites.

> BBC Online Safety
> Child Exploitation and Online Protection
> Childnet
> Kidsmart
> The UK Council for Child Internet Safety