The Planner Explained


Your child will have recently brought home their new academic planner for the year. The planner is designed to help improve communication between home and school for the benefit of your child. It’s a way of recording daily progress, homework and reading and can also be used to pass on messages to and from school. This may be particularly useful for working parents that may not get many opportunities to speak to class teachers face to face.

At the beginning of the planner there are a number of documents to be signed and returned. If you have not managed to do this then please do so at your earliest convenience.

The planner includes lots of information to keep you informed of procedures and policies in school. This includes our new 10 school values and the behaviour system that your children follow. There are images of children in The Dean Trust school uniforms, and relevant information is provided, so that you have a clear understanding of the uniform expectations of the trust. We hope you find this a useful reminder.

Please support your child by returning the planners to school daily and signing the diary pages to show your child has read their book. You should aim to do this every day if you can. Just 10 mins of daily reading makes a world of difference! There are lots of helpful pages in the back of the planner with useful reminders to support the children with their homework. If you have any questions about using the planners, please don’t hesitate to contact you class teacher.

Many thanks.