This book was launched to help teach children how to be safe on the roads.

‘Super Bob’ was commissioned by the family of Bobby Colleran, from Huyton, who was sadly killed after a road traffic collision outside his school.

The book sees ‘Super Bob’ as the hero, pointing out dangers on the road and teaching children how to cross the road safely. It has been written by local author, Jude Lennon.

Bobby’s mum said: “Bobby was such a special little boy and was well educated about road safety but children are children and can be impulsive.

“We wanted to have something in place for children to teach them about road safety and how they can keep themselves safe. We also wanted to keep Bobby’s memory alive and for him to help others as he always did in a fun way. My children helped Jude Lennon to write the book and also helped with the illustrations so that Bobby’s personality was captured throughout the book.”


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