New School Menu for September 2018



At Partington Central Academy children are offered appealing and balanced meals. Children are allowed to choose from a range of main courses, which always include a meat or fish dish, a vegetarian option and salads and there is always an option of jacket potatoes and options for sandwiches too. These are accompanied by a selection of yogurts, fresh fruit or a choice from the desserts of the day. All the children are supervised whilst eating their lunch. There is a teacher on duty and a number of lunch time assistants on hand.Payment for dinners should be weekly, usually on Monday and payed using ParentPay.

Those eligible for free school meals should obtain application forms from the school office or you can download a copy – free-school-meals-application-form.

If parents wish then children may bring a packed lunch to school. Please provide a suitable lunchbox for this purpose.

Please note: No glass bottles, hot drinks or fizzy drinks are allowed. Sweets are not considered suitable as part of a lunch. If a spoon is needed please provide one.

Can we please ask parents to refrain from changing their children’s lunches mid term/mid week! Any changes should be made at the beginning of each term and reported to the Office please.

SCHOOL MEAL PRICES 2018                                                                                                         

We have been informed by Trafford Services for Education that there will be a slight 5% increase for school meals. n.b. This means that from September 2018 the price of school dinners will increase from £2.00 to £2.10.