The Bread and Butter Thing


There is a new service running on Tuesdays at 1.30pm in the Fuse that provides families with a full week’s worth of shopping at a fraction of the price.

This is a charity based in Manchester called The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) and they are trying to help people and families to get by.

With support from the team at ROC and The Fuse, they are coming to your area. They provide weekly groceries at a fraction of the high street prices through our membership scheme. They will always give you something for your cupboards and fridge and they are slowly building their supply. They get supplies from the stuff that you hear about in the news going to waste, it comes from supermarkets, factories and farms. They work just like a veg box scheme. Veg box schemes give you great fruit and veg that is seasonal and local, there’s very little choice in what you get but everything you get will be fresh and usually organic.


It’s really easy to sign up to TBBT…

Step 1 – Send them a text to 07860 063 256 with your full name, your postcode and the name of your hub (FUSE) and they will get in touch.

Step 2 – Select the size of order you want to receive. A typical family order would be £7, an individual would be £3.50. An extra large family would be £14.

Step 3 – They’ll send you a text every Sunday to see if you want an order. All you have to do is reply “YES” to the text by 12:00 Monday and we’ll deliver your order to The Fuse that Tuesday at 1:30.

Step 4 – Collect your goods Tuesday at 1.30pm.

They are also looking for any volunteers that may be able to help out.



For more information please email: