As one curtain closes another opens…

Following their fantastic final performance at the Young Voices 2018 Concert at MEN arena last week, the curtain has been drawn on choir until next year.

However as one curtain closes we open another to our annual production. This year we are very excited to be performing

Following a round of recent auditions the cast has now been selected, all children have been informed of their roles.

I’m sure you will know what role your child will be playing in the summer production but for those who are unsure here is the full casting list of their roles:

Kya Callaghan – Annie (Main orphan)
Febe Price – Miss Hannigan (Runs the orphanage, drunkard, sings)
Daisy Lingard – Mr Warbucks (Billionaire business and that adopts Annie, sings)
Alisha Simpson – Grace (Warbuck’s secretary and lover interest)
Jack Jarvis -Rooster (Miss Hannigan’s brother, con artist)
T’kahmai Robinson – Lily (Rooster’s thieving girlfriend)
Aaliya Jefford – Molly (Youngest orphan, sings “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”
Toni Bennett – Pepper (Bossiest orphan)
Abigail Deering – Duffy (Oldest orphan)
Savannah Burgess – July (Quiet orphan)
Nuala Doherty – Tessie (Dramatic orphan)
Poppy Collins – Kate (Motherly orphan)
Lucy Earp, Amy Taylor, Jose Gangwa Touady, Taleena Tomlinson, Charla Ozkara, Robyn Howe Williams, Grace Booth, Ruby Heald, Hollie Scott, Ellie Pluples, Lily Mae Fagan, Courtney Harrop, Courtney Ruschat, Jessica Mottershead, Skye Williams – Other orphans (Orphans, singers, dancers and gymnasts)
Tilly Sherriff – Bundles (Laundry man that helps Annie escape)
Matilda Owen – Apple Seller
Cole Lomas – Dog Catcher
Ada Fong – Policeman
Charley Millward – Sandy (Annie’s dog)
Jack Ainsworth – Drake (Warbuck’s butler)
Lucy Earp and Amy Taylor – Cecile and Annette (Warbuck’s maids)
Rose Ainsworth – Mrs Greer (Warbuck’s housemaid)
Ashleigh Howe Williams – Mrs Pugh (Warbuck’s cook)
Cailum Southwell, Chloe Case, Sade Smith, Mia Moriarty, Daisy Mai English, Sophie Green – Warbuck’s man-servants
Kayleigh Boardman – Bert Healy (Radio Show Host)
Hallie Geraghty – President Roosevelt (President of US)
Charla Ozkara – Louis Howe (President’s right hand man)

The rehearsals have now begun in preparation for our performance this Summer. We have devised a provisional rehearsal schedule that outlines who is required for rehearsals on what nights. By planning our schedule we hope to maximize the amount of rehearsal time we have, and ensure children are not waiting around when they are not needed. Whilst this means not all the cast will be needed every Monday, children not required for a rehearsal on a particular night are of course still welcome to come and watch. The dates have been sent home with a letter and are until the Easter break.

Please click Rehearsals to see the times.

Rehearsals after school will take place until 4:15pm.

The rehearsal dates for after Easter, which will be on Monday and Wednesday after school, will be sent out to parents nearer the time.