A New Year’s Resolution


Please may we urge you to make one of your New Year’s resolutions to be punctual for school.

The gates are open at 8:30am and children should be in class by 8:45am.

This gives them the chance to hang up their coats, unpack their bags and get ready for the register at 8.45am.

Lessons start at 9.00am so it is important that the children are in school and ready to learn. Pupils who arrive late and/or leave early also disrupt lessons, which can be embarrassing for the child and can in turn, encourage absence. It is also extremely disruptive for the rest of their class.

Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for a good reason like illness, which unavoidably fall in school time, emergencies or other unavoidable cause.

Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no ‘leave’ has been given.

Poor punctuality or leaving before the end of the school day is not acceptable.