NSPCC Numbers Day

In support of the NSPCC Numbers Day, staff and pupils in Partington Central Academy, came into school wearing clothing bearing numbers to celebrate our use of maths in everyday life.

In KS2 pupils from different classes were mixed up and moved around four themed workstations under the headings of Think and Solve; Decimals, Percentages and Fractions; Maths and Money; and Multiplication and Division. With thirty minutes in each classroom the children were given a number of interactive, challenging activities to engage with and celebrate the fun nature of maths. It was also an opportunity for them to show their skills and knowledge to other children and staff that they would not normally be with.

In KS1 some children were asked to bring in 2p’s which were lined and counted very patiently by all!

Other children in EYFS sang counting songs which were performed for parents in our auditorium.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they were all able to access the ability related activities which noticeably improved their confidence in using numbers. Of course this was all accompanied by voluntary contributions to the NSPCC which totalled almost £300 to a very worthy and relevant charity.